• When selecting a boat – often, the boat makes the choice on your behalf! That perfect match really matters…

    Choosing a boat is a delicate process requiring a thorough approach. Try to decide if the model you like suits you perfectly, and whether you feel an invisible bond between you and the boat. To help with decision-making, we can arrange a test drive at the manufacturer’s shipyard. A test drive is offered in two formats and during the test drive, you get the opportunity to explore the hull design, touch the steering wheel and feel the splashes of the waves!

Exploring a Boat

  • Solo-Sailing

    We can organise a single-handed trip to one or more shipyards. We will notify the company’s management in advance so that you can thoroughly learn about electric boat building and ask any questions direct to the manufacturer. You will enjoy single-handed trial trips on your chosen boat, experiencing all the benefits of an electric motor and giving you a comprehensive overview.

    You will also have a pre-trip meeting with your instructor who will go into greater detail. If any questions arise, Edisson is always available to provide you with remote assistance.

  • Journey

    A boat is not simply a vehicle to get from point A to point B. It is the anticipation of adventure, a symbol of discovery and new experience, and it can also be described as a live travel companion. That’s why boats and ships have names!

    Choosing a boat in a huge exhibition hall loaded with boats dragged out of the water, laying dormant, does not give a prospective buyer the best impression and that’s because an exhibition hall is not a boat’s natural habitat. That is why we prefer to review a boat by experiencing a real journey. Our staff member will organise all the arrangements for a trip to a select shipyard, including tickets, visa and accommodation, as well as accommodating any other requirements. If you wish to look at several boats at different shipyards, this can also be organised by us, with a suitable transport and transit plan.

  • You will learn about boat building processes on-site and will enjoy a sailing trial on the water. During your trip, you will learn about the details and key features of electric boats.

    As well as a brand new experience, we will also offer an individual entertainment programme tailor-made especially for you. Imagine world-renowned theaters and museums, breathtaking views of nature, active recreational activities and seeing iconic tourist attractions that make your trip a genuinely exciting journey.

  • We will provide you with an Edisson staff member to ensure the smooth-running of your trip. Our team member will provide high-quality translation while communicating and negotiating with shipyards. You can rely on his/her help with any questions that may arise.


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