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Edisson — pioneers in the distribution of premium electric boats in Russia

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Say 29 E
Shipyard: Say Carbon Yachts
Domani E32
Shipyard: Domani Yachts
Shipyard: Q-YACHTS
The Candela Seven
Shipyard: Candela
The С-8
Shipyard: Candela

Electric boats
with a breathtaking design

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  • Dare to be different

    Being an individual isn’t always easy — to stand apart from others is always a challenge. It’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary that’s the key to individualism. While the majority of people choose the same path, it’s only those that are brave enough to step aside and try new, exciting opportunities! They’re the ones who dare to be different; they’re the ones that enjoy true freedom!

  • Enjoy cutting-edge technology

    Imagine….extremely light, robust carbon fiber hulls and decks, high efficiency through fully automatic hydro-foiling, supremely powerful electric engines and state-of-the-art battery technology! All of those elements define the future of watersports and transportation. Be the first to try this type of technology today, let the rest wait a while longer…

  • The Thrill of Electric Speed but Oh So Quietly…and Sustainable Too!

    That feeling of being completely in tune with nature, harmonizing with the glories that the world has to offer is seldom found today, just fleeting moments and when it happens, it’s a luxury! Gliding across the water at top speed, enjoying the magic of freedom and all the beauty that surrounds you without the noise of an engine distracting your pleasure or interrupting your thoughts, that’s what Edisson brings you. It’s inspiring! What’s more, electric boats are sustainable, there’s no pollution, no nasty fumes, no petrol invading the water or damaging marine life — that’s true heroism, pure joy safe in the knowledge that you’re taking care of nature and the future of our extraordinary planet.

E-Sphere — end-to-end quality customer service

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  • An Individual Approach

    An electric boat is far more than just a means for transportation — it has its own character and boasts remarkable features. Our job is to find the best match in electric boats for each of our clients. We begin with a thorough introduction to each boat by organizing a visit to its shipyard. This allows our clients to view the intricate production process and discuss all possibilities for customization. You’ll also get an exciting test drive, leaving all the formalities and that all-important delivery to us.

  • 360 Degree Service

    We take care of every single one of our boats, taking pride in what we do. The E-Sphere program is designed specifically for owners of premium electric boats.

    The program covers the whole lifecycle:

    • Maintenance
    • Repair
    • Customization & Modernization
    • Charging station installation

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